Design and documentation

Do You need help in developing Your wire harnesses or documenting Your products?
We can help You with transforming Your wire harnesses into documents, either in paper or electronic format.
We use E3 design software for designing and documenting Your cable solutions.

Our design process in short

Design Process - 1a
Design Process - 1b

We are at Your disposal in case:

You have an idea and need help with a concrete solutions, or…

Design Process - 1b

You already have a complete product but wish to develop a solution that saves time and money.

Design Process - 2

Communication is needed to be able to give You the best possible solution. The first step is to be in contact with us. No problem is too small! We have noticed that a kick-off meeting is often the best way to get started. The meeting can be arranged either by phone or face-to-face.

Design Process - 3

As soon as we have agreed about the scope of the work, we can start designing. We can also deliver wire harness documentation. Everything is taken care of according to agreed time schedule.

Design Process - 4

As a result of our cooperation You will get wire harnesses which have been produced by professional assembly workers on Rikta.

Design Process - 5

With help of Rikta’s cable solutions and design services, Your products will further be developed. Assembly times will shorten and lead times will reduce. Accordingly, overall product costs will drop.